Vibration Technology

Nothing improves the effective output of production more than a reduction of the rejection-quota. Therefore we have developed, together with external authorities, a new technology that clearly improves casting quality, even with difficult moulds:

The advantages of our vibration technology at a glance:

  • Higher and more consistent densities achieved with reduced porosity.
  • Up to 50% smaller grain size.
  • Smaller dentrite formation.
  • Consistently superior casting properties and less problems from later processing such as sizing of rings and setting of stones.
With a minimum of finishing work you will get jewellery with excellent surfaces and quality!

The vibration system is available with the MC and VTC series tilting casting machines and several VC series vacuum pressure casting machines.

Results of our metallurgic analysis:

Reduced porosity, higher and more consistent densities achieved.

  • Reduced post-processing work.
  • Reduced reject rate.
  • Cast densities closely match the density of the alloy used, minimizing differences between designs and casting cycles.

Better material flow, better form filling, reduced risk of hot cracks.

  • Vibration provides a better material flow.
  • More dense structures achieved.
  • Reduced risk of air inclusions.
  • Improved form filling.
  • Reduced danger of „hot cracks“

Up to 50% smaller grain size.

  • Gold alloys solidify in a finer and more uniform structure.
  • ~50 % smaller grain size in the analysed alloy.

Smaller dentrite formation.

  • On solidification alloys will show a considerably smaller formation of dentritic structures most silver alloys).
  • Leading to better material flow with reduced risk of hot cracks and better casting stability.

Consistently superior casting quality.

  • Tensile strength is up to 25% higher
  • Fewer problems from later processing such as sizing of rings and setting of stones.

Test procedure:
Casting system: VC 600 V vacuum pressure casting machine with and without vibration.
Alloys: gold Au750, Ag128, Cu122, silver AgCu6.5
Objects: typical jewellery forms (rings, bowls, discs, sticks)
Investigations: microstructure, porosity, density, tensile strenght, elongation
10 test castings / 10 measurings per alloy and per investigated fact

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