Anyone who relies on high performance values alone when manufacturing casting machines is usually thinking too narrowly. What matters most is what is ultimately accomplished with each kilowatt hour consumed. The induction generators and inductors in our casting and melting machines are designed with the highest possible level of effectiveness in mind. Sophisticated insulation ensures that the induction generated loses as little energy as possible for fast melting of the metal.


The thermal insulation around the inductor and crucible effectively reduces heat radiation; the entire melting chamber and drum act like a Faraday cage to prevent the radiation of electromagnetic waves. The infused stainless steel coolant water lines further improve the shielding effect. With open melting machines that cannot use the ‘cage effect’, the radiation loss is reduced almost as effectively through the use of ring-shaped ferrites – and at the same time the electrosmog load for users is drastically reduced.


Less energy for cooling

Efficient energy use also reduces energy consumption for water cooling in the machine and the potential need for air-conditioning in the foundry.

BluePower machines save energy with peripheral devices too

Thanks to the flask lift you can use flasks with no flange, offering you two ways to save money: flange-less flasks are much cheaper and require less space in your oven. In other words: with the same energy consumption you can burn ~50% more flasks – or you can work with a smaller oven.

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